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What Julian Assange and his colleagues at Wikileaks are doing amounts to much more than simply embarrassing our diplomatic corps and pissing off the Justice Department.  Enclosed below is a video presentation that explains the broader Wikileaks agenda, and how the organization plans to achieve their long term goals.  These guys are brilliant, and there is good reason for the global power elite and the corrupt oligarchs to be concerned.  The most common misconception about Wikileaks is that it is somehow trying to undermine America.  What they are actually trying to do is force America to live up to its own stated values.

First, it should be noted that the impact of the release of the 250,000 diplomatic cables has yet to be fully understood.  There is a lot more material yet to come, and its ultimate value may not lie in the facts found immediately within, but rather in the possibility that the leaked cables provide a trail that may lead to the discovery of far more important and revealing information.  A can of worms has been opened, and it is going to be very difficult for the powers that be to keep a lid on it.

Second, Assange is hoping to build and encourage a worldwide and very robust network of electronic whistleblowers that will be able to sustain itself well into the future, as a check against the abusive behavior of governments and corporations who engage in all sorts of nefarious activity in our name and on our dime. These illegal and immoral actions require a shroud of secrecy, and that is what Wikileaks intends to attack and break down.  It's a very bold and ambitious scheme, and anyone who thinks that the Wikileaks people are just irresponsibly throwing information out on the Internet needs to watch these guys lay out their tactical plan for directing some sunlight at the dark underbelly of our world.  







Originally posted to Eagleye on Fri Dec 03, 2010 at 07:12 PM PST.

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