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Keith Olberman just reported that the Obama Administration intervened with the Spanish government to block the indictment of 6 former Bush officials on charges of setting the legal framework for torture, against international law and covenants.

They are now trying to intervene with the Nigerian government to prevent the indictment of Dick Cheney, as former head of KBR, on bribery charges, which have already been admitted to.  Interpol has a red list on Cheney, making him subject to arrest if he leaves the US, but our government, which has had an extradition treaty with Nigeria since 1931, wants to block extradition of an admitted criminal.

I've put up with a lot of disappointment, and a whole lot of shit from this "Hopie, Changie" guy, as I have watched him, from day one, sink into a fetal position every time the right challenged his policies.

I was crushed when he expanded the operations in Afganistan, furious when he sent out word that the war criminals in the Bush administration would walk away scott free,  profoundly disappointed when he carved out damaging exceptions in every single legislative initiative. I watch you co-opted by the big money boys just as any nafe from the sticks would be.  Just like those painfully stupid voter who keep sending morons to the Congress.  But this, Sir, extends far beyond ineptitude.  This is just to much for my delicate sensibilities.  

If you don't understand the concept of justice that says no man (or woman) is above the law, accept the profound principles of the Constitution, and the myriad treaties that try to move an evil and fractured world towards justice, then you Sir, are not fit to serve.

I have defended you, tried to explain your strategy, assumed that you had more, and more detailed, information than is available to us, and thus must be given the benefit of the doubt.  But, there is no doubt here.

I have the advantage of remembering the Lyndon Johnson Presidency.  He was not loved, but he was remarkably effective.  He twisted arms, and broke a few, to make it clear the he would not tolerate any deviation from the Party Line.  Money disappeared for the likes of Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson.  Senators and Congressman understood that you followed the President's lead, or you got no support in your next election effort.  The result was the greatest expansion of poverty programs and civil rights since the FDR years.

I watched Nixon and Reagan play the same hand.  And, I have watched you throw you card, face up, on the table.  Time after time.  You have proved to be a remarkably ineffective politician in The Bigs.

Now, it turns out, based on the Wikileaks dump from your own State Department, that you are not a respecter of law.

That is the final straw, Sir.  There is no more room for tolerance, or excuses, or imaginary complexities.  I am done with you.  And the ship you rode in on...

Originally posted to Granny Doc on Thu Dec 02, 2010 at 06:44 PM PST.

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